Saturday, December 4, 2010

Breast Pump in Review

While my experience includes racking up more than 350x worth of pumping sessions over the last 3 months with at least 10-15 mins per session, I have, so far, only been familiar with one brand and type of breast pump.

Breast pump as a device was not something I initially gave much thought about to be honest. In fact, I dreaded thinking about having to buy a breast pump just because it seemed so intimidatingly complicated. I mean, there were all sorts of pumps and brands available and how do I know which one is the right one? Besides, those things can be so hideously expensive! It really was far too much to think about for my little can’t-be-bothered pregnant brain then.

All I knew was that if I ever needed one, and, being the lazy fart that I am, I’d want an electric breast pump. So, when my mom offered to get one as a gift for me, I really could not be more thankful! It was a welcome break since I have absolutely no idea what are available in the market, and till now, I don’t really have the patience to go research about it.

My mom has a knack of finding something of superior quality and will not think twice if she has to pay a premium for it. Knowing how she’d go about with buying such things, I completely entrusted her with her choice of investment. (Disclaimer: I have absolutely no influence over her decision.)

That’s when I got the Medela Freestyle® Breastpump.

Like I said, it is the only pump I know, and so there really is nothing else I could benchmark to. I remember regarding it with a certain level of uneasiness when I first saw it with all its parts loose. It did look rather intimidating for use, but once assembled (thanks to my geeky husband who could tell the pieces apart, and which goes where!) it actually looked pretty neat. I was surprised at how compact the pump really is and how it snugly fits in the palm of my hands.

Style and function wise, I really have no complaints about the product. What is cool about it is that the pump is designed to mimic the 2 distinct phases of how babies breastfeed – The Stimulation Phase (fast and light sucking to start milk flowing) followed by the Expression Phase (slow, stronger sucking for more and faster milk flow).

It also has a memory feature that lets you set the different levels for each of the two phases of pumping - a function which I hardly use.Apparently, it also remembers how long it took for you to "let down"! (haven't quite figured that one out yet)

I like the double pump bit as it saves me a lot of time rather than having to pump just one breast at a time. I can even do it hands-free if I like by using the accessories that come with it, although, so far, I haven’t had a need for that. Along with other accessories, it also comes with a handy cooler bag for storage with a contoured ice-pack, making it suitable for working women to tote it along when on-the-go.

This is one pump that is suitable for daily use and robust enough for multiple uses throughout the day. It is pretty idiot proof and contrary to the instructions I received from other experienced moms-who-pump to always, always sterilise the pump after every use, the manufacturer's instructions says that I will only need to sterilize the pump once a day; but ensure that the loose bits be rinsed with hot water and wiped clean after every use. After scouring for tips on pumping, this little instruction of sterilizing once a day came as a very useful and workable tip for me.

I almost fainted when my mom (unwillingy!) revealed its price tag. It was quite a hefty investment, but looking back at how well the Medela Freestyle® Breastpump has served me in the last 3 months, it is definitely worth every penny. It certainly is extremely useful, sturdy and very working-mother friendly.

Thank you, Mom!

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