Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mom's Nasi Lemak

One of the luxuries of being close to one's parents is the accessibility to home-cooked food. Not just any other home-cooked meal, but Mom's home-made dishes and most likely the best tasting dishes I could ever have in the whole wide world!

Whilst thinking about food yet again just a few days ago, I am being reminded by our last visit to Singapore where my Mom had, (at my request, no doubt!), took the effort to painstakingly prepare her authentic Nasi Lemak for dear ole' me.

It was decided that our picnic-cum-meet-friends trip to the Botanical Gardens was to be accompanied not only by Mom in person, but also by packs of  Nasi Lemaks especially prepared by my Mom - wrapped in brown paper and banana leaves and all!  Just like an authentic Nasi Lemak would be.

It was in fact, more than just a Nasi Lemak. It was Nasi Lemak and more as for me, it brought back some childhood memories of mine where I remember my mom bringing food from home wherever we went - be it to the Botanical Gardens, to the zoo or to the beach. We were hardly exposed to fast-food available and to date, I still remember the lingering smell of home-cooked food coming out from a packed tupperware with a sentimental attachment to it.

There is so much fondness attached to home-made experience so priceless and out of this world that the first thing I wanted to do as I laid down the mat on the grass was to feed myself with Mom's Nasi Lemak as quickly as I can.

It was simple, yet so extraordinary. It was a dish made out of  unconditional love.

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